Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cute Stew Package!

A few months ago when looking at miniature polymer clay cakes online I came across Melly Kay's blog Cute Stew. Not only does she make some of the best miniature clay cakes that I've seen, but she also loves dogs, cute kawaii stuff, and illustrator, to name a few. Not to mention she's soo cute and super sweet. Last month she had a post for a little game, and guess what, I won! I got my pakage yesterday, I LOVE getting things other than bills and junk mail. I just want to say thank you sooo much Melly Kay, you are the sweetest! I got a little note card and envelope decorated with Hello Kitty stickers, a pair of cherries that Melly Kay made, and a Spring Journal that MK made also! The journal is so cool, it has sixty pages and most of them have doodles and stickers and places to fill in the blanks with journaling, goals, mini calenders, favorite foods, music, t.v., internet, books, magazines, and movies, and inspiration. I love it! Thank you again Melly Kay, I love that you took the time to make this and personalize it for me, Jeremy (my husband) and my Mom thought it was really cool too. I can't wait to get busy and use it, I think it's really going to come in handy. I have wanted to do an Inspiation journal for awhile, but with taking care of the boys and running the house some projects get set aside. What I love most is it's all ready to go, I just have to follow the prompts! And how did you know I love cherries, lol? I hung them on my kitchen wall, you can see them hanging in the last picture, I circled them with a green heart! Again, thank you soo much Melly Kay I love my stuff! P.S. does anyone know how to get that huge space between my last picture and the bottom of this post cleared up?